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Board, Council & Staff

Meet The Team

Board Staff

Below is a contact list for the Wiltshire County FA Board of Directors and Members of Council: -

Board of Directors 

Mr Clive Archer (Chairman) 

Mr Greg Coulson 
Mr Richard Gardiner

Mr Colin Kennerson

Mrs Tina McCosh 
Mr Tony Pickworth

Mr David Buckley

Mr Oliver Selfe

Council Members

Life Vice Presidents: 
Mr Malcolm Baldwin 

Mr Keith Cooper 
Mr Paul Fox 
Mr Richard Gardiner (President)

Mr Ian Hibbard
Mr Dennis Kilford 

Air Cdre Colin McLaren 

Mr Colin Newbury

Mr David Phillips 
Mr Adrian Riddiford

Representative on FA Council: 
Mr Richard Gardiner  

League Representatives on Council: 
Swindon Sunday League: 
Mr Clive Archer

North Wilts Youth League: 
Mr Craig Gorton

Trowbridge & District League: 
Mr Colin Kennerson  

Wiltshire Women's & Girls League: 
Mrs Jo King  

Mid Wilts Youth & Minor League: 
Mrs Tina McCosh  

Salisbury & District League: 
Mr Richard Nelson  

Chippenham & District League 
Mr John Haigh  

Swindon & District League: 
Mr Colin Tewkesbury  

Wiltshire Football League: 
Mr Robert Cooke  

Representative of Wiltshire Schools FA: 
Mr Tony Williams 

Forces Representative: 
Mr Nicholas Edwards 

Representative of Wiltshire Referees Association: 
Mr Ian Hailstone  

Geographical Representatives: 
North Wiltshire 
Mr Mark Eburne

Central Wiltshire 
Mr Greg Coulson 

South Wiltshire 

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