Facility Development

Football Facilities are key component of the FA National Game Strategy. The role of facilities is recognised as critically important when developing our National Game, so important infact that a specfic resource entitled the 'FA National Facilities Strategy has been created to guide and educate the football community.

Since the formation of the Football Foundation in 2001, football has received a tremendous amount of investment, with over £780m being invested into facilities across the country. There are hundreds of leagues, thousands of clubs, and millions of players who have benefited directly from this investment.

We do understand there is still a large amount of work to be done, and are commited to working with local partners to deliver improved playing facilities in the most effiencient and effective means - at the present time given the challenging economic pressures this can be extremley difficult.

As the popularity of football continues to grow and participation increases, the use of existing facilities, and the demand for new ones, also grows. Working with a range of partners, The FA and Wiltshire County FA will work hard to make sure that investment is targeted towards the top priorities based on continued consultation with the grassroots football community. Facilities have a lasting and continuing influence on our experience of the game.

Please find below a number of FA resources, that have been produced to provide detail around key facilities requirements. You may also be able to access the information you require from the Youth Development Review section of the website (which is located under the Clubs & Leagues tab)

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss facilities in more detail, please contact Mark Young at the Wiltshire FA. 

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