FA Futsal Referee Course

Ever thought of qualifying as a Futsal Referee? We have a course coming to Swindon this April.

You don’t need any refereeing experience as this course provides learners with an introduction to refereeing and identifies the skills required to effectively referee games of Futsal.

Following the initial training, learners will be expected to referee a minimum of six games before returning for a review session during which their knowledge of Law will be assessed.


Course Content

The FA Futsal Referee Course consists of five clear modules with the following elements:

Modules 1-4 – Theory / Practical Delivery

  • Introduction to the course
  • The ethos of Futsal
  • Role and responsibilities
  • What the qualification is
  • Law 12 Sanctions
  • Cautioning & send-off procedure
  • Misconduct report writing
  • Advantage
  • Recognising Challenges
  • The second referee, timekeeper and third referee
  • Practical exercises covering various laws
  • Free Kicks
  • Penalty Kicks
  • Small games for practical experience of refereeing
  • Practical Experience (Over 1 – 3 month period 6 NLH’s)

Module 5 – Assessment of Experiences

  • Opportunity to reflect on previous learning and experience
  • Examination to confirm competence to qualify as a Futsal Referee


Course Dates

8th April 2017 (10am – 4:30pm)
9th April 2017 (10am – 4:30pm)
21st May 2017 (2pm – 4:30pm) (Examination)

This course is taking place at PlayFootball Swindon, 29 Bramble Rd, Swindon.

Candidates will be encouraged to participate practically to maximise their opportunities for learning, however will not prevent successful completion of the award.

To secure your place CLICK HERE to book online or email us at courses@WiltshireFA.com