Level 2 Emergency First Aid in Football

This course (formerly known as the FA Basic First Aid in Sport) is being delivered at the Beversbrook Sports Facility in Calne this April.

This sports first aid course is aimed at ‘lay first aiders’, specifically coaches, teachers, parents and volunteers, who are responsible for the provision of emergency first aid when supporting football activities.

The course aims to provide the learner with an understanding of the general duties, responsibilities and treatment principles of first aid within the football environment as well as providing learners with the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to recognise and manage life and limb threatening injuries and the ability to offer basic first aid.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course, the learner should be able to: 

  • Describe the duties, responsibilities, general treatment principles and priorities of emergency care provision in the football setting
  • Describe the elements of pre-event preparation (EAP) in relation to emergency care provision in football
  • Carry out the emergency procedures taught on the course that would deal with a life or limb threatening injury presented to them in football inclusive of sudden cardiac arrest, catastrophic bleeding and other medical emergencies
  • Have knowledge and management of airway and cervical spine issues that may arise in football
  • Have knowledge and understanding of The FA concussion guidelines and have completed the on-line course prior to attending the EFAiF course

The course aims and objectives focus on the need to provide the learner with sufficient knowledge and skills to identify life and limb threatening injury in football. The aims and objectives are also directed towards a learner identifying the need for an injured or ill player to be referred to a hospital, for medical management by an appropriate healthcare professional.  

This one-day course covers the following modules:

Module 1

  • The Emergency Action Plan  / Roles and responsibilities of the first aider in football / dispelling the myths of first aid / First aid equipment for football
  • A-E approach cardiac - CPR/ AED and management of sudden cardiac arrest in both adult and paediatric players includes theory and practice
  • Acute Medical emergencies in football (Asthma, anaphylaxis

Module 2

  • A-E approach of the injured footballer includes airway management and practice
  • Management of the unresponsive player includes c-spine awareness and assisting the ambulance crew theory and practice
  • Head Injury and Concussion Management in Football theory and practical application

Module 3

  • Medical emergencies in football includes anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes, hypoglycaemia, epilepsy, heat stroke
  • Limb threatening injuries in football and their first aid management, includes fracture/dislocations, catastrophic bleeding, shock management  theory and practical application
  • Consolidation of all of the above modules 1-3 in summary

This course is offered at £70 per candidate (£60 for FA Charter Standard Clubs) and places can be secured online here or manually by contacting our courses team via courses@wiltshirefa.com

If you wish to discuss more about the course before booking your place, please contact a member of the team on 01793 486047.