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All FA Skills Coaches have completed an age appropriate coaching course
All FA Skills Coaches have completed an age appropriate coaching course
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Wiltshire County Football Association (WCFA) is committed to support children and young people to access football in their chosen form. It is dedicated to supporting their recruitment, retention and development to ensure that the Wiltshire community is able to access lifelong enjoyment from our great game. As part of this document, the WCFA hopes to outline its main aims to guide the direction of all aspects of the annual County Development Plan as well as to inform other organisations of its priorities. This offer has been shaped in conjunction with The FA’s Children and Young People framework and given a localised aspect to it to provide a plan for all residents aged 5 – 22.

Stage 1
Physical Education
• To increase the quality and quantity of football provision within curriculum time
• To support and develop the football knowledge and delivery skills of the School workforce via targeted professional development
• To support schools through targeted resources to meet the needs of each school
• Develop the provision and access of futsal within Wiltshire schools
• To develop the coverage of Mars Just Play, Soccer Centres and holiday programmes across the County
• To support schools with resources to increase participation in football during lunchtimes and after school
• To work with community partners to ensure that all sections of the community have access to football in the format that suits their needs

Stage 2 – Competition
• All competitions to follow age appropriate guidelines
• All schools to have access to District competitions
• Flexible format competitions where appropriate and possible
• All education institutes in the County to have access and support in providing intramural, intermural and County competitions
• Football Futures young leaders to support the provision to competitions in the County

Stage 3 – Club Links
• Create a robust Club Links programme that supports the recruitment of new players and teams as well as the retention of potentially struggling teams and to develop different formats of community football
• All schools to have an understanding of their local Charter Standard football clubs
• To support the delivery of the County Youth Futsal programme
• To support the delivery of the County Football Futures programme

Stage 4 – Talent Development
• To offer a pathway for talented players in boys’, girls’ and disability football

Stage 5 – Leadership and Volunteering
• To develop and communicate the County Football Futures programme to involve all educational institutions and all Charter Standard clubs and leagues
• To create a Steering Group containing young leaders to shape the County Football Futures programme
• To continue to develop the County Football Futures Camp and provide opportunities for young leaders at a Regional and National level
• To provide training and development targeted at young leaders
• To recruit and develop young leaders to support the delivery of the counties competitions
• To create a rewards programme to reflect the work of young leaders within the County

Stage 6 – Other
• To develop the annual Children and Young People Offer as determined by a specific Children and Young People Steering Group
• Deliver a series of training and development to support football volunteers and young people on the social networking – from both a Player/Volunteer Recruitment and Child Welfare perspective

For more information contact, Football Development Officer on 01793 486047

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