Promotion and Assessment

Do you want to officiate in a higher standard of football? Want to knoe more about the promotion structure that can take you as far as the professional game provided you have the ability? Do you want to realise your full potential as a Referee? Read on!

Who can apply?

To be considered for promotion, you need to be aged 16 or over – there is no age limit thereafter and is open to both male and female referee

You must be prepared to referee in open age football

When does the promotion Season start?

The promotion season commences on 1st March and ends on the 28th February in the year following

How do I take the first step from moving from a Level 7 to Level 6 referee?

If you wish to become a Level 6 referee, you must serve at least one season at Level 7 before being eligible for promotion

You need to inform Kevin Small (Referee Development Officer) in writing of your intentions before 1st March prior to the following Season.

How is promotion decided?

Promotion is decided through assessments completed by Wiltshire County Assessors, attendance at further training events and a satisfactory average club mark achieved in at least 20 matches of open age competitive football during the marking period.  Other factors including administration and availability are also taken into account.

What if I want to continue on the promotion pathway the following Season?

The same criteria apply for promotion to Level 5 with an expected higher level of competency demonstrated within the assessment process.  Your personal administration with acceptance of appointments and closing dates.

Promotion Structure:

Level 9: Trainee Referee.  These are referees who have completed the basic referee training course and passed the examinations who have yet to complete their 6-match record of achievement.

Level 8: Youth Referee (under 16)

Level 7: Junior Referees not in Level 8 or below (local football referee)

Level 6: County Referees (local football referee)

Level 5: Senior County Referees. This classification includes referees who have served at a higher level.  Where a referee has achieved a level higher than Level 5 and is then not retained, the referee is to be classified as a Level 5, with the option of further promotion in the normal way or until a status of non-active is declared by the individual.

Level 4: Referees selected to officiate as a Referee on a Supply League.  In addition Level 4 officials will serve as Assistant Referees on the Contributory Leagues.

Level 3: Referees selected to officiate as a Referee on the National List of Contributory Leagues.  In addition, Level 3 officials will serve as Assistant Referees on either the Panel Leagues, Football League or Premier League.

Level 2: Referees selected by The FA to serve on the Panel List.  In addition, Level 2 Referees will serve as Assistant Referees on either the Football League or Premier League.

Level 1: Referees selected by The Football Association to serve on the Referees panel of the National List (Premier and Football Leagues)

International: Referees who are on the FIFA List of Referees

For more information on Promotion, contact Kevin Small, Referee Development Officer on 07979 770130 or