Reporting Referee Assaults

Below is a timeline setting out the process of steps referees should take if they are assaulted, together with details of the follow up action the Wiltshire FA will take to support referees through the process.



If you are assaulted during a game you should abandon the match immediately.  You should obtain the offending player or club official's name.  For your own safety this may be from another club official after the incident. You should also telephone the Wiltshire FA Referee Development Officer, Kevin Small on 07979 770130.



Even if you are unable to obtain the person’s name, you should still ring the Referee Development Officer to report the incident.



Depending on the incident, you may wish to report the matter to the Police.  The Referee Development Officer will be able to offer you advice on how you should do this.  For those who are members of the Referees Association, you can ring 07875 583898 for further advice.  This is also the time that you may wish to seek advice from others (for example the Ref Support hotline).



Under 18s In the case of an assault on a match official under the age of 18 by a person over the age of 18, the matter will also be reported by the Wiltshire FA Referee Development Officer to the Wiltshire FA Designated Safeguarding Officer who will take the appropriate child welfare steps.



Referees must submit a written report to the Wiltshire FA within 48 hours.  This can be done via the Whole Game System at or by using the disciplinary report forms which should be emailed to The Referee Development Officer will be on hand to assist and support referees compiling their reports where needed.



Once the incident is reported after the game, the offending person will be suspended from all football activity with immediate effect.  The formal discipline process will start once the written report is received.



The Match Official will be informed of the progress of the case by the Football Services Manager.  If you have any questions about the case you can contact the Football Services Manager via   



The Referee Development Officer will remain in regular contact with the match official, offering him / her support as required over the coming weeks.



If the match official is required to attend a Personal Hearing then the Referee Development Officer will offer support and advice before the hearing and will attend the hearing if required.  In addition, a parent or guardian of under 18 year old match official may attend.



The match official will be informed of the final outcome of the case.




Whilst we hope that match officials will not be faced with such a situation, we would hope the steps above assist should you ever find yourself involved in an assault.


The Wiltshire FA is committed to supporting all match officials so that if you do face a situation like this, you will have the confidence to carry on being part of the sport you love.