Discipline Update
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The Wiltshire County FA is responsible for maintaining discipline at grass roots level and abide by the procedures issued annually by the Football Association.

As a player, you are bound by the regulations of the Football Association with regard to discipline.

A referee must submit a report when they have cautioned a player, sent a player off for an on-field offence, or any other misconduct that should be brought to the attention of the Football authorities.  These reports will be sent to either The Football Association or to the local County Association, depending on which level of football the club participates in.

Reports can be:

  • an on field caution (yellow card)
  • an on-field dismissal (either a straight red, or a red that follows from receiving a second yellow card) - this is known as a standard charge
  • misconduct

Misconduct reports can take many forms:

  • a report of misconduct, following a dismissal
  • a report of misconduct that does not take place on the field of play (players or non players)
  • reporting of misconduct, that may include written or social networking items.
  • continuing on-field misconduct

All forms of football now use the Match Based Discipline (MBD) system.  Football is separated into the following categories for sanctioning:

Saturday Football, Sunday Football, Veterans, Midweek, Friendly, Schools and Representative (Saturday /Sunday football sides playing midweek does not count as a midweek category)

A standard automatic sanction, which relates to on-field offences, will affect any one of these categories and will be from that type of football only. Misconduct sanctions will mean that a participant is suspended from ALL FOOTBALL, regardless of category.

All standard automatic sanctions commence 7 days after the offence occurred, regardless of submission of a referees report. It will therefore be the responsibility of each club to chase missing documents.

Youth football, which was previously a separate category, now falls within Saturday and Sunday football.

There is also a category of football called "friendly". Automatic sanctions from friendly football commence immediately after the offence date and are of one match duration, regardless of the offence. The sanctioning authority may also raise a further charge of E3 Improper Conduct, if they deem the original sanction to be clearly insufficient. Automatic sanctions from friendly football can only be served in friendly matches and are therefore carried over until the next available friendly fixture, regardless of timescale. A friendly category automatic sanction does not affect any of the other six categories. A charge of further misconduct may affect other football.

Guidance on the Match Based System can be found within the FA Discipline Handbook

The FA has implemented a sanction guideline document to improve consistency across all County FAs in the application of sanctions. The document serves as a useful guide in understanding the process. 

Click on the image below to view a copy of our Discipline reporting flowchart.

Discipline Flowchart

If you require assistance from the discipline team contact discipline@wiltshirefa.com or call 01793 486047