Love it Learn it Lead it - Young Leadership Programme

Wiltshire FA is proud to welcome a new, re-branded Young Leadership Programme. If you are aged between 14-25 and Volunteer in football, you can be rewarded for your time and efforts.

This programme has progressed from what was known Nationally as ‘Football Futures’. Whilst the premise of the volunteering programme is similar to its previous name, the change in name was an idea by Wiltshire FA to offer some clarity in the programme’s name which alludes to leadership whilst also becoming relatable to a young volunteers and aiming to encourage new Young Volunteers to sign up to the programme.

We are aware that within our youth & adult clubs there are a large number of young persons who are volunteering their time week in and week out. Whilst it may be recognised by their club and team, their efforts are not currently recognised by the County FA.

With the ‘Love it, Learn it, Lead it - Young Leadership Programme’, Wiltshire FA have set a rewards scale, so the more hours you record, the more rewards you can receive. It’s not just about the tangible rewards either, Wiltshire FA are looking to create a real community for young people, working alongside our partners and established workforce to offer opportunities for this potential community of young volunteers to develop their skills for the season and beyond.

See below table with the thresholds and rewards a young volunteer can receive by signing up to 'Love it, Learn it, Lead it'. The rewards process will start from July 2017.

Volunteer Hours Logged


Wiltshire FA ‘Shout-Out’




This will trigger your access to The Treviss Trust Foundation application (Launching July 2017).


Receive the “Love it” Rewards package


Wiltshire FA, Youth Council, or Club member to present Certificate to you


Receive the “Learn it” Rewards Package


Wiltshire FA, Youth Council or Club member to present Certificate to you


Receive the “Lead it” Rewards Package


You don’t have to just be a volunteer coach or a referee,  from selling programmes to filming games, or Tweeting/Facebooking for your club or team, if you are volunteering your time and efforts in football, then they are certainly valued and can be rewarded by becoming part of the Love it, Learn it, Lead it Young Leadership Programme.

Whether you are at school, college or in full-time work, if you are aged 14 – 25 and volunteering your time to football, you can be on this programme!

Access the Love it, Learn it, Lead it, Young Leadership Programme Booklet by clicking here

To sign up to the programme, click here to access the application form

For more information on Love it, Learn it, Lead it, or if you have any questions contact Chloe Buller via or by calling 01793 486047




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