Club and League Support System

Wiltshire County Football Association’s ethos is to provide the appropriate structures and systems to control, manage, regulate and promote the game and to develop football opportunities and also to address retention issues clubs and leagues may encounter.

WCFA has launched a new ‘Club and League Support System’ which has been designed for Clubs and Leagues to easily share information with the County FA where support may be required or where your club or league may wish to share good practice with others engaged in football for the benefit of the wider ‘football family’ in general. 

This simple on-line form allows you to submit your enquiry based on the following categories;

Green: Share your good practice with us:

Tell us what has worked successfully in your club or league and we could use you as a ‘flagship’ to share your best practice with others in the County.

Amber: Early warning system:

Let us know if you would like some assistance for example in advertising for new players or a coach or you may have some difficulty in finding somewhere to play.  We will then offer support to address the situation hopefully before it’s too late.

Red: Urgent support required:

Tell us if your Club or League needs urgent support to address an issue e.g. Club in danger of folding, continuity of the League etc.

Whilst we cannot always guarantee solutions to every issue, this system has been designed to at least give us the opportunity to do so either directly or signposting you to another support organisation or point of advice and support.