At the Wiltshire County FA we appreciate how difficult it can be to sustain football activity as well as improving facilities, funding essential training equipment, buying the new team kit or paying for coaching courses for example.

We also appreciate that whilst Clubs raise funds from their own membership and by means of fund-raising activities it is often not enough to meet Club’s aspirations to develop or even sustain its infrastructure. 

So it is often necessary to look for external funding. This can be time-consuming and daunting. We have sought to unravel the maze of grants to identify those that might just be applicable to your club / organisation. 

Before accessing our ‘Wiltshire County FA Grants Guide’ a few helpful tips: -

1. Make sure you carefully study the requirements you need to   satisfy to apply for a grant. 

2. Most funders will require you to demonstrate a football driven need or how you will satisfy the Funder’s objectives, for example, how are you going to sustain and/or increase participation. It is often the case that Funders will also expect your own Club/Organisation to contribute finance from its own fund raising activities. 

3. Talk to other Clubs who have been through the process. 

4. It is a requirement of many grant providers, particularly the Football Foundation, that you seek advice from the County FA’s Development Team before completing an application. 

5. Keep your papers organised and take copies; you will accumulate some during the process! 

6. If in doubt – ask! 

To search for available funding streams please visit the FA funding search website by clicking here

All applicants are advised to seek pre application advice from your County FA.  For further information please contact Mark Young on