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We are supporting FearFree, a local charity that helps people impacted by domestic abuse and sexual violence. The charity supports all ages and all genders, each year reaching thousands of people from across the South West helping them to rebuild their lives and live free from fear.

Using the influence and reach of football, ‘Own Your Game’ has been created to make Euro 2024 the safest yet. People are encouraged to contact Fearfree if they need support, both survivors and those who want to change their own behaviour.


Maria, Safeguarding Officer at Wiltshire FA said, “It is shocking to hear there is a link between domestic abuse incidents increasing and our England team playing football. We want to help shine a light on this and raise awareness about domestic abuse.


“Safeguarding is embedded in everything we do; we are committed to making the game safe. We reinforce FearFree’s message that abuse, of any kind, is unacceptable.


“We instil a value of respect in the game, and this value should not be forgotten outside of the game. Demonstrating abusive behaviours, or being unable to regulate emotions, which results in taking frustrations out on relatives or friends is not acceptable.


“There is never any excuse. A football match is not an excuse. An important tournament is not an excuse. Disappointment, frustration, passion, emotion they are not excuses!”


Abuse is not just physical it can also include controlling someone, scaring someone, humiliating someone, or forcing someone to do things they do not want to do.  It is never ok to harm your loved ones and when you do it has a serious impact on them.


Claire Marshall, CEO at FearFree said, "We are incredibly grateful to have the support of Wiltshire FA and the football community for a campaign that sends out the clear message that domestic abuse in all forms is unacceptable. By displaying a poster in your club you will raise awareness of an issue that affects 1 in 4 women and  1 in 6 men as well as helping local people to access vital support. If you are in an unsafe relationship or are worried about your own behaviour, you are not alone. We are here and we can help you."

Behaviour Change

FearFree Behaviour Change Courses are free, non-judgemental and open to people aged 18 years and over.  We know it can be hard to ask for help but by doing so, you will be taking the first step towards keeping your family safe.

You can find more information or sign up to a course at www.fearfree.org.uk/helptochange  There are courses for men and women and a course for members of the military community. This course has been designed around the unique challenges that forces families face.

Behaviour Change Courses

Help for survivors

If you have been affected by domestic abuse or sexual violence FearFree is here to help. It does not matter when the abuse took place or if you reported it to the police.

You can get in touch on 01225 775 276 between 9am -5pm (landline call rate) or by emailing spa@fearfree.org.uk. In an emergency, call 999.

Get involved

Football clubs in Wiltshire can get involved by displaying poster and toilet door stickers at their venues. To receive a pack please contact safeguarding@wiltshirefa.com

fearfree, wiltshire fa
own your game, wiltshire fa, fearfree
own your game, wiltshire fa, fearfree