Welcome to the 'Coaches' section of our website. Under the drop down menu you will find everything you need relating to coaching in Wiltshire from booking on one of our courses to joining the FA Licensed Coaches Club.

As a Coach, your skills are essential for teaching and developing players at every level of football and can never be underestimated. To give their players the best opportunity to develop, achieve their maximum potential and importantly, enjoy the game, coaches must be aware of the latest techniques and philosophies involved in coaching the game.

Coaches require different skills and experiences to meet the demands of the different types of players with whom they work and the redefining the Coaching Pathway means developing and delivering specialist content for coaches of specialist groups. More information can be found on the Coaching Pathway from the specific tab, on the dropdown section of the 'Coaches' tab.

The FA Youth Awards work alongside the traditional UEFA qualifications. They are age-appropriate awards offered by the FA as part of its commitment to the principles of Long Term Player Development.

It is the first course that looks at the child and where they are developmentally (in the four corners of: physical, psychological, technical and social aspects) and then packages football through a number of exciting new activities in such a way that it "fits" the child and not the other way round.

This marks a progressive change in coaching philosophy, creating a truly player centred approach to the coaching and development of our young players.

Three modules are being delivered –

• Module 1: Developing the Environment , focussing on young players 

• Module 2: Developing the Practice, focussing on 12-16 year old player

• Module 3: Developing The Player, with emphasis on the 17-21 age group

Any queries, please email the Football Development Team on courses@wiltshirefa.com

for UEFA B, UEFA A and FA Youth Award Module 3 courses, please visit FA Learning but clinking the link FA National Courses 2013

If you require any further information on coaching courses or coaching in general please contact the County FA on 01793 486047. 


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