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Junior Cup

The Junior Cup is a mandatory competition for all Wiltshire FA affiliated Junior Status clubs (below Step 7 open age male Saturday teams) playing in a Wiltshire FA or another County FA Junior sanctioned league.

During the 2017/18 season the Cup was secured by Tawny Owl FC following their 3-2 win over Luxol in the final.

Junior Cup Winner 2018


Round Dates

Round Date
1st Round 06/10/18 Results
2nd Round 03/11/18 to 10/11/18 Results
3rd Round 01/12/18 to 05/01/19 Results
Quarter-Final 05/01/19 to 09/02/19 Results
Semi-Final 09/02/19 to 23/02/19 Results
Final 06/04/19 Result