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Established in 1884, Wiltshire FA has been making a significant contribution to the community for over 135 years. With the vision to ‘Unite the community to provide football for all’, Wiltshire FA has grown to now support over 1,000 grassroots football teams, which is in excess of 19,000 participants, across the county.


We offer administration and support to players, clubs and leagues. We govern the game in Wiltshire making sure it is safe, positive and inclusive.

We strive to develop football in Wiltshire delivering competitions, services and initiatives to inspire people to take part in football and making sure there are participation opportunities for all.

We offer professional training to enhance standard and skills of the football workforce, developing the next generation of coaches, referees, medics and administrators. We aim to support people’s football journeys, encouraging life long links to the game.

As a not-for-profit organisation we reinvest our funds back into grassroots football with the objectives for season 20/21 to:

• Grow the game so more people can have the opportunity to play football

• Sustain the game for those already enjoying playing football and for future generations

• Keep football safe for everybody

• Improve facilities across the county

• Provide outstanding training and development

• Develop strong relationships with stakeholders and partners and to raise the profile of football


The FA was formed in 1863, by 1871 it had started to get more recognition for the work it was doing to govern football in England and the popularity of football grew. As The FA started to grow they formed County Associations to develop and organise football at county level across the country.

Wiltshire FA was formed in 1884 to govern the game and support all the professional and amateur football clubs in Wiltshire. Shortly after formation of Wiltshire FA, in 1886 the Senior Cup Competition was introduced. This competition is still around today as part of the Wiltshire County FA Cups.

In 1999 Wiltshire FA transitioned from an Association to a Not-For-Profit Company Limited by Guarantee, remaining as a traditional volunteer led County FA. At this stage there were just two members of paid staff operating from one room behind a dentist surgery in Swindon with a Board of Directors appointed to take responsibility for business and financial matters, leaving the traditionally elected Council to retain full responsibility for all football related activities.

In 2014 it was recognised there was a need to improve business procedures and a CEO, Senior Management Team and staff were appointed as paid executives to run the business and lead Football Services and Football Development in Wiltshire.





The Wiltshire FA Board of Directors are required to direct the business affairs of the Association and to determine the vision and strategy, plans, policies and financial investment required to achieve the Association’s aims. As such, individually and collectively, the directors are accountable to the Membership.

The number of directors shall be subject to a maximum of 12 with no less than one third of the directors from time to time shall be independent. The number of Council elected directors shall not exceed one third of the directors holding office.

The Wiltshire FA Board meet bi-monthly, with WebEx meetings scheduled on an Ad-hoc basis.

Meet the Wiltshire FA Board


There are 12 Wiltshire FA paid executive who work across two internal departments Football Development and Football Services. The staff help to drive the organisation's corporate strategy and operational plan, focusing on all areas of the game including, but not limited to, football development including, youth, adult, male and female, discipline, sanctions & regulations, safeguarding, coach and referee development and facility improvement. A breakdown of both departments can be seen below, and staff contact information can be located here.



In 2022 The Wiltshire FA implemented a  new corporate governance structure, as outlined in the diagram. The Board is now supported by committees for Football Development, Football Services, Youth Council and Diversity & Inclusion. One member from each of these committees is able to attend Board meetings. 


  • Elected Wiltshire League Members
  • Senior Referee
  • Wiltshire Schools Football
  • Wiltshire FA Youth Council
  • Armed Forces Football
  • Small Sided Football
  • Wiltshire Referee Association
  • Inclusion Advisory Group
  • Geographical Representatives
  •  Life Vice Presidents and Independent members

Purpose of Wiltshire FA Committees

  • To debate issues and reflect the views of the members
  • To support football within Wiltshire
  • To make decisions on the recommendations put forward by the executive team for the benefit of the game
  • To positively represent Wiltshire FA at all times and highlight the work being undertaken
  • To provide clear feedback on decisions made to those the committees represent

For information about the Wiltshire FA Council contact the Chairman Alan Smith via email to Alan.Smith2@WiltshireFA.com

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