Playing Against Foreign Opposition


Affiliated Associations, Leagues and Clubs wishing to play Associations, Leagues or Clubs of another nationality must apply to The Football Association for consent to play at least 28 days before the date of the intended match in accordance with FA Rule B.4(b).

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FA Rule B.4(b)

Matches with Foreign Associations, Leagues and Clubs, Affiliated Associations, Competitions or Clubs wishing to play a match or series of matches against members of another national association must apply on the prescribed forms to The Association at least 28 days before the date of the intended match or the first of a series of matches. The Association has in its discretion the power to consent or refuse an application. When written consent has been given, The Association will inform the other national associations concerned. An application to participate in a match or a series of matches against members of another National Association involving players of school age shall be required to demonstrate that all such players have received the necessary permission from their head teacher before The Association will give consent. Affiliated Associations, Competitions and their Clubs must not pay a commission of more than 10% of the reimbursements of travelling expenses to organisations or persons arranging their tours. Where a National Association provides in its rules for the membership of all associations, competitions, and clubs within its area, consent for matches with unaffiliated associations, leagues or clubs will not be given.

Permission is not needed for one-off matches against teams from Scotland, Norther Ireland and Wales - consequently no application is required.

Documentation is required for matches against teams from the Republic of Ireland and other FIFA countries.

As soon as The FA has consented to a match then it will inform the other Association concerned.

Where a National Association provides in its Rules for the membership of all Associations, Leagues and Clubs within its area, consent for matches with unaffiliated Associations, Leagues or Clubs will not be given.

Clubs must be sure when negotiating for matches that the financial terms are clearly defined and confirmed in writing. Should any dispute arise then The FA will take up the matter with the National Association of the opposing Club. Failing any satisfactory decision the matter will then be referred to FIFA. However, if a Club arranges its matches through an agent other than a licensed FIFA or UEFA agent, then The FA cannot give assistance in matters of dispute.

If a match is played whereby the visiting team is to have an agreed share of the gate receipts then the home club must supply a certified match statement to The FA and to their opponents.

All matches must be played strictly in accordance with the Laws of the Game.

Clubs will, no doubt, desire to reciprocate the welcome and hospitality given when abroad and will consider the importance of appointing an official liaison officer to the visiting party.

Attention is drawn to FA Rule B.8 dealing with the playing season.

All Clubs or organisations given permission to play matches abroad are directed to ensure that, both on and off the field, members of the party should uphold the prestige of The Association and of their Clubs. It is a condition of permission being granted that a Committee Member must travel with the party and must accept full responsibility for the actions and conduct of the party on tour.

Download the application form to play against foreign teams