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Veterans County Cup Competition

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Wiltshire FA are excited to announce that following the Wiltshire FA Governance Committee in March and at Full Council in early April,  a Wiltshire FA Veteran’s (35+) County Cup competition has been approved for the 2018/19 season.

Wiltshire FA has run Veteran’s Leagues for several years and has seen an increase of team entries over this time. We have engaged with over 22 teams taking part in Veteran’s Football over the years and impacting on nearly 300 players, all aged 35 and above. The Veteran’s League is currently for players who are aged 35 and over to take part in a regular league competition, creating an offer to those players who may have hung up their boots and can no longer commit to a 9 month long season due to changing work/life commitments.

The growth of the league in recent times has subsequently brought enquiries from teams who are interested to take part in a Veteran’s County Cup competition. With the number of teams regularly participating in our Veteran’s League and demand locally, we feel it is the right time to grow the Veteran’s competition offer and in addition diversify our Cup Competition.

So, whether you are a current Veteran’s Football team or do not exist yet (and would create one) and want to enter a Veteran’s County Cup Competition… We want to hear from you!

Have your say!

The next stages are incredibly important for us to help shape this competition. We would like to understand more of the potential format based on teams’ feedback. Wiltshire FA wants to ensure that a Veteran’s County Cup competition can be as close to expectations where possible, so teams can shape and equally enjoy the competition when taking part.

If you are a Veteran’s team and are/would be the main organiser of the team, please fill out the survey by accessing the below link:


Due to timings available to us to collate all information to take to our AGM in June, there is a small time-frame available and therefore the survey will close on SUNDAY 29th APRIL.

The survey should not take much longer than 5 minutes. This will help us to understand what teams are looking for in a Cup Competition and any support needed. This will enable us to create the rules and suggested format ready to be voted in at our AGM in June. If approved, we can begin to support teams through the process to join in with the Cup Competition.

If there is anything else you wish to detail that you may be unable to do so in the Survey there is space on the last page for comments. If you run out of room or think of any additional information later, you can email your comments to or call 01793 486047.

Wiltshire FA massively appreciates any time spent on the survey in what is set to be quite an exciting time for Veteran’s Football in the County.