FA Mentoring Adults Course 18

Want to support other coaches within your club?

The FA Mentoring Adults Course is for you!

We’re delighted to confirm our next FA Mentoring adults course will take place at Melksham Town FC and is structured as follows:


Tuesday 12th June 2018 (6:30pm – 9:30pm)

Wednesday 20th June 2018 (6:30pm – 9:30pm)


Do you want to help other football coaches? The course is for coaches who would like to provide support to other football coaches either within their own club or within other clubs in the local community or for coaches who are interested in applying to become an FA Coach Mentor.


The course is designed to support those who wish to develop their mentoring skills, to understand the role of a mentor, to develop interpersonal skills required to become an effective mentor as well as developing reflection as a learning tool. It supports participants to develop skills in a safe and positive environment. The course supports the FA's strategic goal to improve coaching standards.


The course will address the following topics:

  • Understanding the role of the mentor and principles of effective mentoring
  • Understanding and appreciating the required interpersonal skills of a mentor
  • Exploring mentoring strategies
  • Demonstrating the ability to use core mentoring skills such as interpersonal skills, observation, giving accurate feedback, active listening, questioning and reflection
  • Understanding the assessment, feedback and goal setting process
  • Considering the importance of reflection as a tool for learning
  • Exploring CPD and reflective active planning opportunities


What will you gain from completing this course?

  • 6 hours of Level 3 CPD
  • A better understanding of the mentoring process and the role of a mentor
  • A qualification which will boost your football coaching CV
  • A first step towards applying to be an FA Coach Mentor
  • Transferrable skills that can be used to help improve the coaching standards of your club and Wiltshire
  • Skills that are desirable to employers, in and out of a football environment

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