We are offering sponsorship opportunities for our Wiltshire County FA Cup competitions.


As a not-for-profit organisation we re-invest all of our funds back into the grassroots game. We seek sponsorship deals to help us strengthen our impact in Wiltshire and to help us reach more people with grassroots football opportunities.


With a huge football audience across the county we have launched a variety of sponsorship deals across our cup competitions, and across other areas of the business, that can help local organisations boost their brand and communicate their messages. If you know a local business that wants to support grassroots football in Wiltshire please tell them to get in touch by emailing marketing@wiltshirefa.com


History of Wiltshire County FA Cups


The FA, English football’s governing body, was formed in 1863. ‘Organised football’ or ‘football as we know it’ dates from that time.

The FA was formed on 26 October 1863 by a group of football captains, secretaries and other representatives to form an Association with the goal to establish a code of rules for the regulation of the game. To start with membership was small and The FA’s authority and laws were often challenged and ignored but its motives and ambitions were so honourably based that its standing grew.

The FA started to get more recognition with the introduction of the ‘Football Association Challenge Cup’ in 1871. The ‘Challenge Cup’ developed a good reputation for The FA where crowds of people came to watch pleasant contests and matches, governed by the FA rules.

Wiltshire FA was formed in 1884 ready to develop the game and organise clubs in the county. The Senior Cup Competition came shortly after the formation of the Association, in 1886, which provided enthusiasm and a framework for new teams in Wiltshire.

At this point The FA was beginning to become a truly national body and as the popularity of football increased The FA directed County Associations to affiliate all the  professional and amateur clubswithin their areas.

Since 1884, Wiltshire FA has grown to affiliate over 1,000 teams, with in excess of 19,000, participants, 38,000 parents and 1,200 match officials.


Our Cups


The Premier Shield is an elite competition for the highest placed clubs in Wiltshire. These clubs, from professional to Step 5, have large followings and strong social media presence. With matches being held in stadia venues this cup offers a high standard of football.


The Senior Cup is our oldest and most valued tournament. The competing clubs, from Step 6 and 7, enter only their first teams. With dedicated fans and strong social media presence this is an exciting and popular cup competition.


The Women’s Cup attracts the highest placed women’s teams in Wiltshire. At an exciting time for women’s football this cup competition has the potential to show significant growth and reach.


There are two cup competitions for girls, U15/U16 Cup and U13/U14 Cup. Girls’ grassroots football is rapidly developing and attracts large audiences of family supporters.


As a mandatory competition the Junior Cup attracts the largest number of teams. Established in 1908 this cup is for adult Saturday teams. With closely matched teams this  tournament is hugely competitive. 


The Sunday Cup attracts grassroots adult teams from Sunday leagues. With a very high standard of football this is grassroots football at its finest.


For men, 35 years and older, the Veterans Cup is one of the newest cups in the competition. With more and more people wanting to stay involved in football for longer veteran football has a growing audience.


The Youth Cup is for players under 18 years. This competition offers a good standard of football with the opportunity to watch the next generation of potential football stars.  With youth teams from the highest placed clubs in Wiltshire, this competition attracts clubs with strong social media presence.


There are three cup competitions: U16 Cup, U15 Cup and U14 Cup. The popularity of grassroots football means this competition attracts large numbers of teams and large audiences of family supporters. To be awarded winner of Wiltshire County FA Cups competition is highly regarded and a significant achievement for these teams.


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