Wiltshire FA Awards

Grassroots Football Excellence Awards 2020

in partnership with Charlton Baker


In partnership with Charlton Baker Chartered Accountants, Wiltshire FA have launched Grassroots Football Excellence Awards to acknowledge the football volunteers in Wiltshire.

Each year the FA and McDonalds launch awards to recognise the individuals across the nation that are contributing to the grassroots game. This year, Wiltshire FA and Charlton Baker have joined forces to introduce additional awards to recognise and thank more clubs, leagues, volunteers and projects that are making a difference to grassroots football in Wiltshire.

Oliver Selfe, CEO at Wiltshire FA said “We are really grateful for the support from Charlton Baker so we can launch the Grassroots Football Excellence Awards. Rewarding the football volunteers is extremely important to us, they are remarkable individuals, without the time, dedication and commitment they demonstrate in our clubs and leagues, grassroots football would simply not exist.

“The investment from Charlton Baker allows us to reward and recognise more people for their contribution and means we can host an awards ceremony to celebrate their achievements.”

Nominations are now open for the Grassroots Excellence Awards, with the additional, new awards this year named as Making a Difference Award, Ability Counts Excellence Award, Outstanding Personal Achievement Award, Inclusive Football and Community Involvement Award, Progression Award and Wildcats Centre of the Year Award.

The community is encouraged to nominate their grassroots football heroes, who are making a fantastic contribution to football in Wiltshire.

Elliot Cargill, Practice Director at Charlton Baker said, “We are thrilled to be supporting the Excellence Awards with Wiltshire FA. Our ethos at Charlton Baker is to make a difference, an ethos that is shared by so many of the grassroots football community. The football workforce, mostly powered by volunteers, makes a huge difference everyday by providing opportunities for people to access the benefits of football.

At Charlton Baker we strive to be excellent, we are prepared to do the best we can for ourselves, our team and our clients. By partnering with Wiltshire FA and launching the awards we are able to reward this same excellence which is demonstrated in grassroots football in Wiltshire.”

With offices based in Devizes and Pewsey, Charlton Baker Chartered Accountants offer a range of expert business and tax advice services.

Wiltshire FA is the not-for-profit, governing body of football in Wiltshire with the role to grow participation, develop opportunities, educate the football workforce and support clubs, leagues and players to ensure the game is positive and inclusive.

Oliver Selfe continues, “The grassroots football network is made up of individuals who continually strive to inspire the next generation, whether they are on the pitch or behind the scenes. Let’s recognise our coaches, refs, supporters and volunteers who are all playing their part in delivering football and creating a legacy in the game.”

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