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U13 Irons seek additional players

Lydiard Youth Irons "U13", are this season, 2018/19, playing in the U13 NWYFL Division 1. They will again be in Division 1 next season as they progress to the 11 a side format for the 2019/20 season. 

As a result, the Club are looking at taking on additional players for this side, as they make the transition to 11 a side football. Therefore, they are specifically seeking players with Division 1 experience or players that have the ability to step up to play at the highest level of U14 in the area. These players would currently be in school year 8 and in school year 9 from September 2019.

The club are looking specifically for a Central Defender and two additional midfielders. 

They have three other teams at the same age group, Hammers, Spartans and Vikings. So should your son or daughter be interested, they will still have opportunities in their Division 2, Division 3 and Division 4 sides. They are always looking to recruit and develop their own players and move them into more competitive divisions to aid their personal development.  

If interested, please contact Simon Bradbury - at or 07737 244801 or visit their website for an overview of the team and setup.

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