Tell Us We'll Tackle It



The Football Association [The FA] is today launching a campaign to encourage all participants and spectators to report any acts of discrimination that they witness within grassroots football.


Tell Us, We’ll Tackle It will be rolled out by every County FA across the country and was designed to put further emphasis on the importance of reporting incidents of discrimination, reassuring people that it makes a tangible difference and that the updated process is simple and effective.


The FA has also created a video to outline its zero-tolerance approach, reiterating that there’s no place for discrimination in football, whether it’s online, in training, on the pitch or on the sidelines.


The updated reporting process and website means all completed online forms will be sent directly to the relevant FA and County FA staff so they can begin any investigation process immediately. It also includes clarity on the process and FAQs to assist with any further queries.

Oliver Selfe, Wiltshire FA CEO, said: “We take tackling discrimination seriously and it’s absolutely crucial that anyone who believes that they have been the subject of, or witness to, discriminatory abuse reports it to us so we can ensure that all incidents are investigated. There is no place for discrimination in football.”


For information or to report an act of discrimination