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FC Abbeymeads praise payment aspect of Matchday App

FC Abbey Meads have been using the Matchday App for the past two seasons and despite only forming in 2003, they have quickly grown into one of the largest youth football clubs in Wiltshire - with 27 teams and three more in waiting for next season from their Wildcats centre.

“We have over 300 players and the Matchday app allows us to keep track of them all,” says club secretary Chris Dean.

“Our youngest teams are our U7s and we are seeing a huge increase in girls in this age category. Our oldest team is currently the U16s, but a few years back we also had an U17s side who won the North Wilts Minor and Youth District League.

"As a large grassroots club, the Matchday app is a real time saver. We don’t just have a high volume of players, but have to deal with their parents too, in order to collect our subs. Doing that manually before we switched to the app was quite a painful process.

“In addition, the coaches can input their Full Time stats with ease via their mobile phones. That’s been brilliant because our league fines clubs who send them over late. The app stops that happening and removes any logistical headaches.”

Matchday is designed to save you time, energy and money. It has been developed specifically to automate everything around your football life.

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