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Equality & Discrimination Participation Survey May 2020

Important Participation Surveys – Please help by completing now!


The Wiltshire FA  in partnership with The English FA are asking all those involved in grassroots football, either as a player, parent, volunteer, coach, match official or other, to complete two short surveys.


Survey 1 – Equality Click Here

We are proud to be a diverse County, on and off the pitch, and want to ensure everyone – from our staff and players to fans and the wider community, feel welcome and valued across all areas of local football life.

As part of this, we’d like you to fill in this short survey, which asks questions about your diversity. We call this equality monitoring. It helps us to understand more about the diversity of the football across Wiltshire, ensuring that everyone who takes part feels welcome and included and helps us to think about what we can do to encourage diverse communities to get involved.


Survey 2 – Discrimination in football Click Here


We want to understand your perceptions of discrimination in grassroots football and whether there are barriers which may prevent people from reporting incidents. Your views will help us to improve the handling and management of cases. Experiencing or witnessing any form of discrimination can be very distressing and we are committed to improving the outcomes for victims, as well as the reporting process.


Your views really do matter, so please complete the surveys today. It should take no more than 20 minutes to complete both surveys.


For the research to be effective we require a sample size of 2,000+ responses, so please forward this link to fellow colleagues within the game as ask them to support us, by also completing the survey.  


Thank you for your support


The team at Wiltshire FA