iPRO Pledge

The iPRO Pledge

Commit to creating a healthier, safer and more sustainable football environment.

In partnership with iPRO, we are launching the iPRO PLEDGE.

We encourage all our members to take the pledge and commit to creating a healthier, safer and more sustainable football environment where everyone can enjoy football.

Oliver Selfe, CEO at Wiltshire FA said,We are thrilled to be working with iPRO, this is an exciting partnership where our members can sign up to the iPRO Pledge and commit to healthy, safe and smart hydration as we return to the game.”


The campaign encourages clubs, managers, players and parents to consider healthy and safe hydration, allowing those who pledge access to a host of resources which include Matchday Hydration Guidelines and suggestions for Safe Hydration Strategies.


Sophie Christy, Global Commercial Director at iPRO said,As lockdown restrictions are eased and we resume active lifestyles it is important to think about our hydration and wellness. Not only will staying hydrated boost our immunity but it will also reduce the risk of injury and illness as regular football returns.”


iPRO, the preferred supplier of healthy hydration drinks at Wiltshire FA’s facility, Green Lane Playing Fields, is a low-sugar wellness drink, sweetened by plant extract Stevia. iPRO Hydrate contains added vitamins, zero artificial chemicals and the packaging is 100% recyclable, making it the perfect option for healthy hydration on every occasion.


As well as supporting small steps to drive healthier habits, the iPRO Pledge also provides information on sustainability, highlighting areas where football can positively impact the environment and revenue generating ideas for clubs.


Take the iPRO Pledge


Take the iPRO Pledge and commit to creating healthier, safer and more sustainable environments for football to thrive.

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