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Thank you for affiliating with Wiltshire FA for Season 21/22. With two disrupted Seasons, due to Covid-19, it’s time for football to make its comeback!

Now, more than ever, we are taking positive steps to look after our physical health, mental health and the health of the environment.

We must use this moment and promote health, well-being and sustainability in football.

Football has huge positive effects on our physical and mental health. It supports our health and wellbeing, creating opportunities to be active, boost self-esteem and feel confident.

As the nation’s game, football has huge influence and reach, offering opportunities to promote ways to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Do you promote healthy hydration to ensure your players have good hydration habits?

Staying hydrated is extremely important to staying healthy, ensuring our bodies run efficiently. Hydration promotes cardio-vascular health and improves energy and brain function as well as supporting joint and muscle function while maximising physical performance.


Hydration boosts our immunity, but the long-term health benefits are significant, including improved sleep quality, cognition and mood.


After a tough year it is important to look after our physical and mental wellbeing not only to benefit our day to day lives but to also reduce the risk of illness, injury and stress.


Have you shared safe hydration information with your teams to make sure they understand the importance of a safe hydration strategy?

When players work hard, they sweat. It is essential to rehydrate to replace the fluids lost in sweat to fight against the dangerous effects of dehydration.

A safe hydration strategy is important so players can regulate their body temperature, prevent injury and muscle fatigue and avoid impaired performance.

Have you displayed healthy hydration information in your facility to help people identify the signs of dehydration?

If you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. Other symptoms to watch out for include muscle cramps, headaches and tiredness.

Have you discovered the ways iPRO Hydrate can make your club more financially sustainable?

There are easy ways to earn cash for your club. It is important to have revenue generating ideas to develop sustainable clubs where grassroots football can thrive.

Have you considered ways your club can help the environment?

There are small steps clubs, facilities and individuals can take to make a difference and positively impact the environment from waste management to flood lights and catering to community engagement.

You can register your interest to join the Wiltshire FA Green Team campaign and become an environmentally friendly club. 

To make your club healthy, safe and sustainable you can;

Take the iPRO Pledge to gain access to a host of resources to help you on your journey to a healthy, safe and sustainable Season 21/22.

Download and complete the checklist for a healthy, safe and sustainable season 21/22

Share what you are doing by returning the checklist to marketing@wiltshirefa.com and be in with the chance of winning prizes for your club.

iPRO Pledge

Download the checklist and commit to creating a healthy, safe and sustainable environment where football can thrive.

Download the PDF

iPRO Pledge

Take the iPRO pledge today and take small steps to drive healthier habits for yourself, your team, your club and our planet.

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The Good Game

Be a Champion!

Become a Good Game Champion and do your club the world of good. 

You don't need to be an expert to show your commitment to the environment, simply be the person to ask questions, make suggestions, chat and debate about the small steps you could take to reduce your environmental impact.

We are launching a pilot scheme, seeking 10 champions from across our network. Each champion will be given a t-shirt, offered training to understand more about sustainability in football, invited to share stories and will be entered into Wiltshire FA Excellence Awards. 

Be one of our Champions and complete the form. Together we can use the influence of football to protect our planet.