Record and live Stream your games


Veo enables you to record, analyze, and live-stream your football games and training sessions automatically.

Veo is easy and simple to set up and use. The camera sees the whole field and films every moment in great video quality. All you have to do is press record, and Veo takes care of it all.

Our system creates a perfect view of your game, just like you know it from TV. And we give you all the tools you need to analyze your game, create player profiles and share the best moments.

Recording, analyzing, and live-streaming soccer has never been easier!


Veo Camera - The Ultimate Sports Camera

It's easy to set up and use...

  • Place the Veo Cam on the tripod
  • Connect with the Veo App
  • Press record or set up a live stream
  • Play the game and Veo takes care of it all
  • Connect to Veo editor and find your game
  • Analyze your game

The new Veo Cam 3 offers...

  • Follow-cam
    AI-powered follow-cam technology automatically follows the action of the game and provides you with a broadcast-like experience.
  • Portable and light
    With a weight of 1.25 kilograms, you can bring the Veo Cam 3 anywhere and quickly move it from field to field.
  • Sharp video quality
    New generation lenses and the introduction of HDR ensure sharp video quality and vibrant colours on all recordings.
  • Improved recording quality
    The introduction of wind noise reduction and image stabilization gives you a clear and steady sound and picture.
  • Solid build
    The rugged shell guards the camera surface against impacts and scratches with its edge rubber over-mould protection.
  • Ready for all conditions
    The camera is built and tested to record at -10 °C to 45 °C. Rain, snow, or direct sunlight? Veo Cam 3 works in all weather conditions.

 Game analysis and preparation. You can...

  • Analyze your performances
  • Steer the camera to direct your own highlights
  • Create and share your own highlights
  • Draw on the screen

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Wiltshire FA affiliates are able to claim a £200 discount on the purchase of a Veo Camera.

To claim the discount code click here


Film your matches and analyse your training sessions.

We have a Veo Camera for you to try before you buy! Simply email with your preferred date and arrange to collect the camera.


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