Wiltshire CFA Awarded the Preliminary Level of the Equality Standard for Sport

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved Preliminary Level of the Equality Standard for Sport.

The Equality Standard is a framework to guide sporting organisation towards widen access and reduce inequalities in sport and physical activity for those from historically underrepresented communities. It is owned by the five sport councils of the UK and assessed by independent Equality Standard assessors.  

The Preliminary Level of the standard helps organisations to be clear about what they need to do to achieve equality. This is achieved by conducting an equality audit of players, coaches and referees and creating an equality action plan to address any of the inequalities & under representations highlighted in the data.

Oliver Selfe, CEO of Wiltshire CFA stated, “I am delighted that the Wiltshire FA has achieved the Preliminary Level of the Equality Standard for Sport. It has been quite a journey for the organisation, as we have achieved the Foundation and Preliminary Level within two years, relaunched our IAG, together with designing  a new Inclusion Action Plan. This provides an excellent base to build upon, however I am aware that there is much work to be done, in order for Wiltshire FA to feel confident that football across the County is fully inclusive”.

Key areas of focus:

  1. Conduct an equality audit of players, coaches & referees.
  2. Create or review your equality action plan to ensure the inequalities & under representations highlighted in the equality audit can be addressed.
  3. Provide board and staff members with sufficient training so they can understand the principles of equality and how they relate to sport.
  4. Identify any further training, education and development needed for staff, board, and council in relation to equality, diversity, and inclusion.
  5. Review, update and ensure all recruitment practices and policies are operational.

Our Equality Action Plan has highlighted:

  1. What under representations v regional data v national data have been highlighted by the data you have collected?
  2. What do you currently do that may already be addressing some of the under representations highlighted by the data?
  3. What are your plans to address any under representations that have been highlighted by the data?

Quote from Bazil Solomon, IAG Chair – We have worked with the many Swindon British communities of many heritages: Goan, Muslim, Hindu, Nepalese, Afghan refugees, Polish, South African, East African, with the LGBTQ+, Disability, Genders, elderly, local churches, charities and BAME through the difficult pandemic and recovery from the pandemic years. We have more people attending football games from these communities, as coaches, referees, and players. We are building resilience in individuals, families, and communities via sports engagement. We are on a road towards higher inclusion and equality in Football sports. Together with all our Swindon & Wiltshire residents, we are One amazing UK Team. Football brings people together.