Planet League


Wiltshire FA partners with Planet League

Wiltshire FA have partnered with Planet League.

Planet League is a behaviour-tech platform engaging football fans in the battle for the planet.

Fans represent the football club they support and score goals by completing green activities that are good for the planet, helping their club climb the league table in the process. 

The tournament is designed to make taking personal climate action inspiring, positive and on-trend, working in partnership with more than 70 professional football clubs nationwide, as well as several County FA’s, including Wiltshire FA.

Wiltshire FA CEO, Oliver Selfe said, “As a County FA, we are committed to doing what we can to positively impact the environment. We are asking our grassroots football network to get involved and sign up to Planet League and score green goals for the football club of your choice, and Wiltshire FA, and help the planet!”

Planet League’s site includes activities such as litter picking around the local area, travelling by public transport or going vegan for the day! By uploading details of what you are doing you can score a green goal.

Oliver continues, “It is an exciting time for Wiltshire FA as this partnership, with Planet League, comes as we plan to launch a wider campaign to demonstrate our commitment to nature and the environment. With our partners, we want to work with our network to collectively make small changes to positively address climate change. More details will follow soon!”

The Planet League Green Football Weekend is coming soon so sign up now and get your practice in.


Sign up now

Once signed up and logged in, be sure to click the settings tab in the top right-hand corner and add ‘Wiltshire FA’ so that your goals count for us, as well as your club. Sign-up is completely free, and points obtained through activities completed can support the club’s score online as well as the county FA’s – all evidenced and tracked, so you can see your personal impact on a local level.

Planet League
Planet League
Planet League
Planet League

Visit Planet League now and score for the planet

How to sign up:


  • Visit
  • Click Sign Up on the top right
  • Enter your email address and a password, choose a username and the football club you want to represent from the dropdown
  • Opt in, if you like, to the newsletter and click JOIN
  • Once signed up and logged in, click the SETTINGS icon in the top right (outline of a person) - then where it says COUNTY FA: None, click change, and select WILTSHIRE FA then click Save
  • Now all your goals (points) will count for both the football club you have selected and Wiltshire FA
  • Visit the ALL ACTIVITIES page, or ACADEMY / FIRST TEAM / COACH pages to complete a selection of activities to score goals - don’t forget to have your camera ready! All of our goals require evidence of completion.