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Inspire from the Sidelines - Coach CPD Programme

In partnership with England Football Learning, UK Coaching, The Coaching Manual and The Coaching Lab, Wiltshire FA has recently launched ‘Inspire from the Sidelines’, a new coach CPD Programme.

Paul Hughes, Football Development Officer at Wiltshire FA said, “Our new coach CPD programme will offer our members exclusive access to resources, priority invites to education sessions and further development opportunities throughout the season.

“As well as contributing to coach CPD hours, the programme is also a great opportunity to build relationships, support progression and recognise those who are continually striving to be the best they can be.”

‘Inspire from the Sidelines’ includes UK Coaching Club membership with thousands of tips, guides and videos including all the resources of the Coach Learning Framework and discounts on coaching equipment, kit and more.

Members will also benefit from The Coaching Lab MatchPlay Cards which offer games and challenges for players, helping coaches plan engaging sessions and develop a team of decision makers.

In addition, members will have 12 months access to The Coaching Manual, allowing them access to a digital resource developed for football coaches who want to improve their understanding, find and utilise real practical sessions and accelerate the development of their players by creating a first-class football learning environment.

Paul Hughes continues, “Working with our partners we can offer the coaches in Wiltshire a comprehensive CPD programme.

“Access to UK Coaching will provide our members with support to deliver great coaching through best practice, training, research and industry standards, essentially providing a team behind the coach.

“The MatchPlay Cards from The Coaching Lab are a great resource for coaches, bringing laughter, energy and competition to training sessions.

“And the Coaching Manual offers a wealth of video content with masterclasses delivered by highly-respected coaches in the game as well as professional tools, such as session and diagram creators, sharable folders and club organisational tools including The Coaching Manual’s Season Planner.”

‘Inspire from the Sidelines’ Coach CPD Programme aims to support, develop and recognise the network of coaches in Wiltshire, encompassing England Football Workshops with enhanced benefits, more sessions, useful resources and software tools which take all the stress out of planning and delivery.

Chris Barton, Founder of The Coaching Manual, said: “We’re delighted to be partnered with Wiltshire FA. The Coaching Manual was built to make top coaching content available to everyone, whether they are a student, volunteer, or working in the professional game.

“We are proud of what we have built, and proud of the fact we are able to help coaches across Wiltshire to develop and provide the best environment for their players."

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The Coaching Manual, Coach CPD, Inspire
Aspire to Inspire
Coach CPD Programme


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The Coaching Manual, Coach CPD, Inspire

The Coaching Manual

Digital resource developed for football coaches
The Coaching Lab, Inspire, Coach CPD

The Coaching Lab

MatchPlay Cards
Inspire, UK Coaching, Coach CPD

UK Coaching

Thousands of tips, guides and videos


coach cpd, wiltshire football, inspire from the sidelines

Inspire from the Sidelines

Coach CPD
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