Paul Stewart, Wiltshire FA, Safeguarding

Safeguarding Awareness with Paul Stewart

Last night we hosted a powerful and thought provoking Safeguarding Awareness session with Paul Stewart.

We would like to thank Paul for his bravery and honesty, and for reminding us of the vital role we play in keeping children safe.

From what we heard, we ask our clubs, leagues, coaches, volunteers and parents, to please ask your children if they are ok. Find some time, reach out to them and give them the opportunity to chat as often as possible.

Remind them if they want to achieve their goals, it helps if they talk about their worries. Whatever their worries may be, encourage children to share them, to release them from their thoughts, so they can thrive and focus better on what they want to achieve.

If someone doesn't seem ok; remember to Communicate with them, Listen to them, Assess the situation, Support them and Signpost them to more help. CLASS 👌

We will continue to encourage and support our clubs to create safe environments where young people can talk.

Together, let's make sure we are there. There to keep football safe. There to have conversations and listen to young people. There to make a difference.

If your club wants any support with safeguarding please email

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Paul Stewart, Safeguarding, Wiltshire FA

Safeguarding Awareness with Paul Stewart