World Mental Health Day


Let's talk about mental health


Together let's keep the conversation going about mental health. We want to support the mental wellbeing and encourage our participants, volunteers and supporters to look after their mental health.

World mental health day, hello yellow

Stand out and Show Up

Ron is wearing yellow today to show is support for mental health.

Ron, Wiltshire FA, our Clubs, Leagues and Welfare Officers across the County stand together in support of young people struggling with their mental health, to show they matter and deserve the help they need, when they need it, no matter what.

Young people are experiencing a unique set of pressures for a generation growing up, living through a pandemic and cost of living crisis against the backdrop of global instability, combined with other factors such as academic pressure and social media, all of which is taking a toll on their mental health.

Here is Rons' ways to wellbeing:

Be kind and help others

Connect with family & friends

Care for the planet

Keep learning & be active

Enjoy your happy place

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Remind your teenage players to be kind to their mind

We are all aware of social media and its significant impact on mental health. We acknowledge social media can enhance connection, increase self-esteem, and improve a sense of belonging, but it can also lead to tremendous stress, pressure to compare oneself to others, and increased sadness and isolation. Please remind your players to be mindful about their social media consumption.

Our Strakers #ShootShoutShare campaign for teenagers has just launched on Tik Tok. Our key messages are around self esteem, reminding them that they have a right to feel good about themselves. We know confidence can get knocked and this can affect self-esteem so we will share messages about knowing your worth, knowing your mind, knowing how to stay safe and knowing your rights.

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Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health in Football


Open the Vault

Wiltshire FA is proud to announce its partnership with The Football Mental Health Alliance (FMHA), furthering its mission to embed mental health support into the grassroots football family. 


At the heart of this collaboration and launching on World Mental Health Day 2023 is The Vault, FMHA's free, pioneering mental health platform designed with comprehensive resources for grassroots football. This unique platform is the result of collaboration with specialist psychologists, coaches, parents, carers, licensed FIFA Agents and ex-professional footballers, to understand key mental health challenges and craft innovative solutions. 


The Vault contains expert-led, football-themed content in the form of interactive webinars, access to personal stories from current and ex-professional footballers, articles and infographics, a podcast, journals, mental health plans for Clubs to utilise, mental health first aid training and an upcoming conference, all designed to support mental well-being within the grassroots football community.  


The Vault is for anyone involved in grassroots football at any level – players, coaches, parents/carers, spectators, volunteers and match officials.  


Statistics show that one in four people experience mental health difficulties each year and at any given time, one in six working-age adults have symptoms associated with mental ill-health. Mental health conditions often develop early, with 75% of cases starting by age 18. Alarmingly, men aged 40-49 have the highest suicide rates in the UK. 


The Vault was conceived in response to these pressing statistics and the increased demand for digital mental health solutions across the grassroots football spectrum. This always accessible, ever-evolving platform provides support anytime for all age ranges. It allows for anonymous sign-up, ensuring confidentiality and comfort to those seeking information or assistance with their own or someone else’s mental health.  

Open the vault


@wiltshirefa Eyes Up, Phones Down! It's #WorldMentalHealthDay2023 take a break from the digital world and reconnect with the real world. Be kind to your mind! #ShootShoutShare ♬ Sunroof - Nicky Youre & dazy


Stand out and show up this #MentalHealthAwarenessDay! Ron is wearing yellow while practicing his skills, to show is support for mental health. Let's keep the conversation going about mental health. We want to encourage our participants, volunteers and supporters to look after their mental health. #ShootShoutShare #HelloYellow #WiltshireFootball

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