Play Phase Course

Play Phase Safeguarding

Learn about the play phase philosophy, as well as how to support the development of children aged 4-6.

Play Phase is all about giving children aged four to six the best possible start. This is both in terms of their development and their first steps into football.

Throughout this learning, you’ll learn more about the Play Phase philosophy, develop your understanding of children this age, find out how to create the best environment for them to learn through play, and much more.

The learning offer includes five e-learning modules, a learning journal, and a playbook of resources. In addition, it will signpost you towards a social community for specific blogs and Q&A sessions, a website for articles and sessions, and CoachCast for a Play Phase-specific podcast.

The course is designed to work on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. For the best experience, choose a newer device with a large screen – and make sure your operating system and browser are up to date.

Course modules

What is Play Phase? (10m)

This module will help you understand what Play Phase means: the philosophy, vision and core elements.

How can I understand the children overall? (24m)

This module will help you to develop your understanding of children aged 4 – 6, which will help you to put their enjoyment and development at the heart of your sessions.

What is the power of play? (10m)

In this module, we’ll look at the different types of play and the different elements of The Play Framework.

How can I be a great Captain of Play? (26m)

In this module, we’ll take a look at the role, the responsibilities, and how you can be the best Captain of Play possible. We'll also focus on how you can bring play to life in your sessions.

How do I engage with families? (14m)

In this module, you will consider the impact of parents, carers and the wider family network on players. The module includes ideas on how to gain their support as a Captain of Play.