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Joint Statement from Wiltshire Women & Girls League and Wiltshire FA

Please read these important updates regarding the management structure of the Wiltshire County Women & Girls League.

Wiltshire County Women & Girls League and the Wiltshire County Football Association have engaged in discussions acknowledging the recent challenges stemming from a shortage of volunteers. In response to the increasing demands and challenges, we are now actively exploring options to enhance our league's management structure for sustained growth and efficiency. As part of this process, we are seeking your support and input to ensure that the proposed changes align with the collective vision of our members.

John Murphy, Chairman of Wiltshire Women & Girls League - “This season we celebrated passing the 2000 player and 140 teams mark. A remarkable achievement for a league which is run entirely by volunteers. Over recent weeks the league’s committee has reflected on how to continue with these increasing numbers into the future. This has been prompted by a recognition that the current model relies on volunteers with most of the current committee involved for 10-20 years. At the end of this season several league committee members have decided to stand down, so now is a good time to plan for the future. It’s become apparent a more professional, long-term solution must be found to run this amazing league, the fastest-growing league in the county.”

To facilitate this transition, we propose that certain committee roles will become honourably paid positions as a token of appreciation for the dedication and commitment required. This reflects our commitment to fostering a sustainable and thriving football community.

Ashley Cornick, Football Development Officer at Wiltshire FA - “Conversations have been very positive. The Wiltshire Women & Girls League and its dedicated committee members have made a huge contribution to the growth of women and girls’ football in Wiltshire, and we want to assure you that despite these changes ahead, we will continue to develop and move forward. A new league model will provide a platform that continues to nurture talent and will remain committed to promoting the spirit of the beautiful game.”

For those interested in learning more about these developments, we encourage you to reach out via email to

John - aidcatmurp@btinternet.com

Paul - paulking1968@btinternet.com

Your insights are invaluable as we navigate this transformative phase.

In the coming weeks, we invite our members an SGM to provide further insights into the proposed changes giving the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have with league committee members and Wiltshire FA.

SGM Details

Tuesday 20th February 2024


Green Lane Playing Fields, Devizes

Thank you for your unwavering support.