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As part of our wider plan to support Facility Managers and Grounds Teams across the County, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Agrovista Amenity.

An industry leading supplier of professional products and specialist advice for grass and soil management, Agrovista comes with a wealth of knowledge and an online learning experience which can support football clubs to develop and maintain good quality, resilient pitches.

Dave Ridley, Facility Manager at Green Lane Playing Fields said, “We have been working with Agrovista Amenity to help us look after our pitches at Green Lane. They have provided us with a high-quality seed, which is capable of withstanding constant activity - also used by many professional clubs - and an all-natural fertiliser. This combination is really helping our pitches recover from a challenging season of weather!

“Agrovista have also helped with soil sampling, allowing us to identify soil issues and giving us advice on follow up care.”

A specialist division of Agrovista UK Ltd, Agrovista Amenity is the premier supplier of agronomy advice and protection products. Also, home to the Agrovista Amenity Academy which offers a free online learning experience with product and knowledge courses so grounds teams and facility managers can stay up to date on the latest product developments and innovations.

Mike Williamson at Agrovista Amenity said, “After analysing soil and conditions at Green Lane, we have recommended a grass seed for durability and improved composition. The fast germination seed can withstand heavy wear, with the ability to recover quickly giving optimal playing conditions all season.

“Managing grass pitches is a skilled job requiring green fingers, an understanding of the weather, patience, and responsibility so we want to support the football community to understand their turf and provide cost-effective and environmentally sound approaches to maintaining great pitches.”

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