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How much better would it have been if you'd had someone who could offer advice, support and a friendly shoulder?

 Could YOU be that person now, for a new referee?

Referee Mentors are mostly qualified referees who go out and watch a referee and offer on the spot advice. Their main role in Wiltshire is to support newly qualified referees help them through their first five games.

We are always looking for more people to become Referee mentors.  If you can give a small amount of your spare time to go out and support a young referee to gain the confidence and skills needed to be a good referee the please get in touch!

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Referee observers

referee observer

Wiltshire has a small group of referees and former referees who give up their spare time to support the development of other referees. Observers watch referees and then supply a written summary of the game to the referee out lining their strengths and areas were they could further develop their refereeing skills. These observations are then used by the Wiltshire FA to decide which referees should be promoted at the end of the season.

Wiltshire’s Observer team is lead by Ella Broad who appoints observers to games, collates their reports and delivers training for both existing and new observers.

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