Report Writing

We are now asking referees to report all Cautions, Sending offs and Misconduct reports via The Whole Game system (WGS) portal.

To use the WGS discipline reporting portal you will need your FAN number or email address, and your FA password. If you are unsure of these details please contact


If a referee cautions / Sends Off a player during a game or has an Extraordinary Incident /Misconduct Report to make. This is to be sent to the County FA of the offending player / club within TWO DAYS (excluding Sundays).

Manual forms should be sent to 

Multi Caution Reports

With the WGS referees only need to submit one multi caution report form.  The WGS sends the report to the correct County FA. When using the manual report forms you still have to send in separate forms if the two competing clubs come from different County FA’s.  
Referees are required to ensure when populating the Multi Caution report form that they include details of the fixture (please include team details; i.e. 1st, reserves, U18, U17 etc.), details of the player and the cautioned code for the offence that has been committed, (i.e. C1 to C7), on C1 offenses you will also be asked to give further information by adding one of ten two-letter codes.

Players receiving two cautions in a game must be reported on the standard misconduct reporting form and not the multi caution report form.

Multi caution form

Sending Offs

Sending off Reports should be generated when a referee sends off any player or substitute players, before, during or after the game. This must also include a player /substitute that has been sent off for a second caution offense.

A new report must be generated for each sending off, however like cautions the WGS system will direct the report to the correct County FA. Manual forms must be sent to the individual CFA’s

Extraordinary / Misconduct Reports

A misconduct report must be submitted for all misconduct that is not committed by a player or a substitute, this is includes coaches, managers and all club officials and the misconduct of spectators.

Extraordinary report form


If you require some assistance with your report writing, you will find a number of useful examples here. Alternatively, just get in touch and we'll be pleased to support you.