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The Good Game


Wiltshire FA is committed to making Green Lane Playing Fields an environmentally friendly football facility.

With the desperate need to address climate change, we are proud to be making small changes to reduce our environmental impact. 

We want to encourage our members to join us in taking small steps to positively address climate change, using the influence of football to collectively make a difference.

You can join us and play The Good Game in Wiltshire. 

Do your club the world of good and nominate a Good Game Champion today. We are developing a network of Good Game Champions who fight for change, who ask questions, suggest changes, chat and debate sustainability in football. 

Together for a better planet.


Play the Good Game in Wiltshire

Climate Champion, The Good Game, Green Football, Hills Waste Solutions

Nominate your Champion

Do you know someone who can fight for change at your club?
Hills Waste

Think about your waste!

Find out more about Hills Waste about waste collection and recycling.
the good game, iPRO Hydrate

Stock iPRO Hydrate

In 100% recyclable packaging, using recycled materials, iPRO aims to keep plastic bottles in a closed-loop recycling system.
The Good Game, Planet League

Score a Green Goal for Wiltshire

Sign up to Planet Super League and score a green goal for Wiltshire FA!
The Good Game Fish Brothers

Reduce your Emissions

Contact Fish Brothers for expert advice on e-vehicles.
CopriSystems, Sustainable Facility

Sustainable Facilities

Find out how CopriSystems have the ambition to make construction cleaner & greener.
WWF Footprint

Check your Footprint

How big is your environmental footprint? Check with the WWF Footprint Calculator.
Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Support Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Find out more about how Wiltshire Wildlife Trust are creating a sustainable future for wildlife and people.
Corsham Print, The Good Game

Learn about the environmental impact of Your print

Talk to Corsham Print about how the print and paper industry has been working for decades to protect the environment.
Wiltshire Council, The Good Game

Find out more about Wiltshire Council Area Boards

Talk to your local Community Engagement Manager about funding opportunities

Activities to help protect the planet

Look after your patch and organise a litter pick, create a wild flower area, promote what you are doing, and more...
Nanogreen, The Good Game

Switch to sustainable cleaning

Nanogreen Cleaning use 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable products without harsh chemicals, in 100% recycled packaging.
BASIS, The Good Game

Keep up to date about sustainability and sport

Join The British Association for Sustainable Sport
Tickboxpromo, The Good Game

Stock reusable items to reduce waste

Visit Tickbox and view a catalogue branded merchandise
Replay Maintenance, The Good Game

Do you have a synthetic pitch?

Replay Recycling are experts in 'hard to recycle' materials, creating a solution for end of life synthetic pitches!
Climate Change, Football, Sustainability
The Good Game

Be a Champion!

Become a Good Game Champion and do your club the world of good. 

You don't need to be an expert to show your commitment to the environment, simply be the person to ask questions, make suggestions, chat and debate about the small steps you could take to reduce your environmental impact.

We are launching a pilot scheme, seeking 10 champions from across our network. Each champion will be given a t-shirt, offered training to understand more about sustainability in football, invited to share stories and will be entered into Wiltshire FA Excellence Awards. 

Be one of our Champions and complete the form. Together we can use the influence of football to protect our planet.

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We are GREEN Lane Playing Fields

What we are doing at Green Lane...

As part of our Landscape and Ecology Management Plan we ensure we maintain grassland, trees and hedgerows at Green Lane Playing Fields. We maintain reptile refuges, bird boxes and bat boxes. We also control our light levels to protect our bats, making sure they are not disturbed from foraging and commuting.

We work with Hills Waste Solutions. Hills offer us a resourceful waste management and recycling service. With new technologies and expert industry knowledge Hills commits to a complete end-to-end process.

We work with Nanogreen Sustainable Cleaning. Nanogreen use 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning products without harsh chemicals and in 100% recyclable packaging.

Our pavilion has natural ventilation, eco-friendly insulation and LED lighting.

We stock iPRO Hydrate in 100% recyclable packaging, using recycled materials. With a commitment to long-term sustainability, iPRO aim to have no new plastic created and no used plastic wasted, iPRO are working to keep plastic bottles in a closed-loop recycling system.

We work with Tickbox Promo to promote sustainable and environmentally beneficial promotional product solutions.

Our partners, Fish Brothers Ltd, support us with an electric pool car to reduce our emissions when travelling. Fish Brothers also offer us expert advice about e-vehicles and charging points.

We work with Corsham Print to offset our printing.

We work with Replay Maintenance. Replay are experts in synthetic surfaces and are able to advise on planning to minimise the environmental impact and reduce microplastic pollution.

With the support of Devizes Town Council and the Greening Devizes initiative, we have 60 saplings arriving in November 22 for the 'Plant a Tree for the Jubilee' campaign. Planting trees at our site will support benefits for people, wildlife and climate, now and for the future.  

We have become an affiliate member of BASIS so we can share information about sustainability in sport and support their commitment to tackle the climate and ecological emergency in and through sport.

We are building relationships with Wiltshire Council so we can share information about funding streams and Community Engagement Managers so we can advise clubs about local funding.

We have joined Planet League to promote going green with football. Whether you're playing the beautiful game, heading to the ground or watching on TV, Planet Super League have a wide range of fun activities covering different topics within sustainability, to make your footballing experience greener!

We recycle our coffee beans as fertilizer for our pitches.

We have had low-energy hand dryers installed to reduce paper towel.


We are installing e-vehicle charging points as a commitment to clean air.

We have launched a new campaign, The Good Game to raise awareness and share information and good practice across our network. 

We are GREEN
We are Green, The Good Game, Tree Planting, Wiltshire Wildlife, Wiltshire FA

As part of our ambition to make Green Lane Playing Fields an environmentally conscious site, we are planting trees to celebrate ‘The Queen’s Green Canopy’ and ‘Greening Devizes'.

Planting trees at our facility will benefit people, wildlife and climate, now and for the future.  

To help us plant our new trees we are inviting some of our local community to join us and show their commitment to nature. Together we can change behaviour and inspire and empower the local community to improve the environment.

Find out more about the event



Tree Planting, Charlton Baker, Nanogreen, iPRO, Hill Waste Solutions, The Good Game, Wiltshire FA, We are Green

Hill Waste Solutions
Tree Planting, Charlton Baker, Nanogreen, iPRO, Hill Waste Solutions, The Good Game, Wiltshire FA, We are Green

Tree Planting, Charlton Baker, Nanogreen, iPRO, Hill Waste Solutions, The Good Game, Wiltshire FA, We are Green

iPRO Hydrate
Tree Planting, Charlton Baker, Nanogreen, iPRO, Hill Waste Solutions, The Good Game, Wiltshire FA, We are Green

Charlton Baker
Fish Brothers Kia, Kia sustainability, The Good Game, Hills Waste Solutions

Fish Brothers

Do you want to sponsor a tree? Show your commitment to nature and join us in making a positive impact by sponsoring one of our trees.

For more information email

Our tree sponsors...

Hills Waste

Hills Waste are experienced, local waste management experts, proud to serve the business community. From waste prevention and collection to recycling and commercial waste disposal at their own specialist sites, they manage the complete end-to-end process so you don’t have to.

Operating throughout the West Country, we work hand-in-hand with your organisation to help you hit your sustainability goals and reduce your waste costs. 

iPRO Hydrate show their commitment to the environment! 

iPRO is proud to sponsor a tree as they enter the next phase in its sustainability strategy and announce 30% rPET bottle packaging for iPRO Student Edition. By 2025, this recycled content is expected to reach 50%. Since the plastic content in rPET has been recycled, the material is produced without disrupting natural resources. Instead, old plastic from recycled packaging will be collected, cleaned and then remade partly into iPRO Student Edition bottles. This reduces CO2 emissions by up to 70%. 

At Nanogreen sustainability is in their DNA.

Since 2014, Nanogreen has focused on environmental practices and carbon offset, as well as social impact. Nanogreen is always up to date with the latest in economic, environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning products, only using 100% environmentally friendly products, without the use of harsh chemicals, and 100% recyclable products using the latest innovations from their suppliers.

Charlton Baker join us in making a positive impact for the environment.

Redefining accountancy, Charlton Baker are the difference makers, working with organisations towards financial freedom.

Wiltshire FA Youth Council

Our Youth Council will be supporting The Good Game, providing a voice for our young people to help us influence change and make a positive impact on the environment.

Fish Brothers Kia

With the vision for sustainable mobility and sustainable energy, Kia are aiming for an all electric future and electric energy at manufacturing sites will be 100% renewable energy. Find out more about Fish Brothers Kia and their SCORE offer for the Wiltshire Football Community.